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Welcome to East Riding Physiotherapy Limited


Discover the Charm of East Riding Physiotherapy Ltd: A Beacon of Care in the Heart of Holderness


Nestled in the quaint village of Patrington, East Riding Physiotherapy Ltd emerges as a modern sanctuary for those seeking exceptional care amidst the beauty of rural East Yorkshire. This homely clinic facility shines as a beacon of high-quality care and support for people in pain or living with life-altering conditions, combining the serenity of village life with easy access to the wider region’s amenities and coastline.

A Company Tailored to Your Health


Our clinic is designed to offer you a feeling of peace and comfort and is furnished to an exemplary standard to ensure your utmost confidence. At East Riding Physiotherapy Ltd, your input and compliance are valued above all. We encourage each patient to reach their full potential and if achievable return back to their baseline.

Providing your treatment with Compassion and Excellence


East Riding Physiotherapy Ltd is more than just a physio company; it’s a relaxed, participatory, safe environment where the patient’s appointments are enriched with care, laughter, and activity. Our person-centred approach places every patient’s health and well-being at the core of our ethos, ensuring a speedy return to an active life.

East Riding Physiotherapy Ltd: Where Every Patient is Given Complete Respect


Situated within the historical and picturesque setting of Patrington, with its legacy of community and resilience, East Riding Physiotherapy Ltd welcomes new patients from all over the country. Here, amidst the legacy of the farms, the nature reserves, and coastal attractions, we offer a place not just to feel better, but to thrive.

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